Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Newest Educational Journey

For those of you that have been following our AISD school saga, things have JUST changed for the better. Matthew Cain and Tuesday Cain have been accepted at Skybridge Academy. Matt started yesterday and Tuesday has decided to start tomorrow. She spent the past two days telling her friends goodbye and today took a bunch of popcorn and Kool Aid up to school for a "party."

Austin ISD -
hasn't worked out for us
While both the schools were good places for the kids, in general, neither were educationally right for either of them. I believe Skybridge is just where they need to be, because the classes "scale" based upon your ability and interest level. For instance, Matt was advanced to high school math on Monday because, well, he was ahead of where he was supposed to be.

I am so happy for the kids and I want to call out a few people that have made this happen:

Kim Brushaber for offering a "base of operations" for this year's Austin High experience. YOU ROCK! Truly an exceptional blessing to have her in our family.

David Brown just "knew" I was supposed to meet Maggie Duval, so he got us together and we hit it off. Maggie had heard of our kids' difficulties as school and she decided that I needed to meet Ariel Miller, the Director & "Chief Motivator" of Skybridge Academy. When I met with Ariel, we also had a great time discussing education and she ultimately asked me to help create a technology track for the school to use the kids' interest in computers and programming as a way to get them excited about learning technology. It has a cool side effect of differentiating the school from others in the Austin area.

David, you have made an amazing, amazing, amazing event happen for our family and your involvement in this can never be forgotten. Maggie, you're just as culpable, so you're getting props, too! Damn, we are so fortunate to have met both of you!

I just wanted to publicly share my thankfulness and appreciation for the universe for blessing our family with this opportunity. It is truly a life-changing event in our lives and there is no way to thank everyone that has participated in one way or another throughout this journey.

Yes, they are really running from an exploding car
ON school campus!
P.S. I will be posting cool stuff from this place from time to time. Oh yeah, IT IS LOCATED ON THE GROUNDS OF STUNT RANCH! You'll want to know more, I'm sure, so check it out.

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