Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Attempt, Final Thoughts And Results (Defender World Record Saga - Part Five Of Five)

What was I thinking?

This year, Josh Jones and I decided to make a marathon record on Defender a reality. 

On Friday night (November 15th, 2013), Josh and I were up pretty late getting the machine wired up with cameras and the laptop set up with the online streaming. We didn't get it perfect, but it was getting late, so Josh said he'd get it set up. I went to sleep. 

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  1. Love it man, whens the next one?

    1. When the pain subsides, I get playing for a few hours a day, and can take off work again!

      My tendons still hurt! They say 3 months off of whatever's hurting you is best.

  2. It was awesome being there for it. Thanks a ton for having me. Next time, you and I will have to sit at a table and conversate like normal folk =)

  3. My friend that is a massage therapist came over tonight and JUST worked on my wrist tendons.

    She said that within 2-3 days, the tendons that were hurt after my marathon should have been worked on, because they will tighten and become more difficult to stretch. She likened it to tightening gauze, because once they get tight, you have to work hard to loosen them up again.

    SHE IS RIGHT. They are tight as hell and uncomfortable right now.

    Obviously I should have done something about this earlier, but now I have the info and the knowledge of what to do.

    My job now is to warm up my sore tendons / muscles and slowly stretch them. Ideally I should have a therapist work on this with me, but I just can't, so I am going to do the best that I can.

    Thought I should post that new information!


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