Thursday, January 2, 2014

Vinyl is making a resurgence with a younger generation. That's awesome.

That makes me feel good.

Connecting with an artist can be very personal when you sit with their entire musical vision and take it as a whole audio/visual experience.

Albums can be spectacular. Get ones with great cover art that interests and intrigues you, that hopefully includes a lyric sheet and do the full immersion with comfortable, full dynamic range headphones and a lot of alone time to hear every pop and nuance while you examine the art and read the lyrics. The holistic experience when it is all put together is sublime.

I truly recommend headphones for the first listen, because you get the total separation of channels that was carefully crafted to the artist's desires, and because it takes the other aural "noise" and distractions away from your immersion.

It is a fact that it takes 15 minutes to get into "flow" while you work. It is my contention that albums can take you into that state, allowing you to slip into the music completely. Removing all other input helps you get there.

It can reach the point where as you hear the needle caress the album on its initial drop that it is an almost hypnotic welcoming into the warmth of a cozy blanket.

When you can, try experiencing the music in a dark or darkened room. For me, it can change everything.
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