Monday, December 23, 2013

Resogun: First Impressions from a Defender Addict

Since I'm a Defender nut, a couple of people have asked me what I think of Resogun, which is a game that is very similar to Defender, yet has enough differences to make it pretty damn cool for this generation of consoles. 

At the risk of losing the awesome link from Game Developer, I've moved all my Defender blog posts to another blog...

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  1. 'Collecting humans feels more like a way to earn extreme powerups rather than an integral part of the game.'

    They can be used to score really big points when you 'hoard' them. Meaning you collect all humans in one place till the end of the level when your multiplier is highest, then turn all humans in. You get extra points having a high multiplier plus subsequent turn-ins of humans (within I think 2 secs)ranks up big scores.

    Nice read!


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