Monday, September 16, 2013

Why does re-engagement matter?

What makes you remember to go back to a website? What makes you decide to see your dentist at the right time? Unless you're making notes yourself, you are being RE-engaged.
What made you think of that PARTICULAR webpage, store, or restaurant?
I am putting together my thoughts on how re-engagement works and how it has (or hasn't) evolved over the years now for a talk I'm giving at Captivate Conference in October, and I'll share it online when I'm done with it, hopefully as a video.
How do you get your users to come back, even after they've had a fully awesome session with your product / service / website experience? That's the real trick, I think, and people don't have that considered as part of the overall plan. They tend to tack it on later, once they notice that those heavily involved users quit coming back.
Whether it's an email, TV ad, banner ad, snail mail, text, or phone call, what reminds YOU to go back to a product or service? Why does it work?

PS Tickets are available for Captivate here! A 15% discount (that expires SOON) can be used here.

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  1. Here's a post on how Yahoo sees engagement as the next frontier:

    Marissa Mayer, Geoffrey Moore & the Importance of Engagement


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