Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Digital Footprints

For years now, I have been thinking about "what are my kids going to do with my presence on the web after I die?" Morbid, but whatever.

Ideas are a dime a dozen and the only thing that makes them have value is to actually DO something with them. I want to give this idea to the universe in the hopes that someone actually does something with it.

Imagine a FREE service that crawls through the internet and pieces together all of the things you put out there and puts it in a chronological order like a timeline. Of course you could cull out the things that aren't "your" but you get the drift. It should be smart enough to cull out repeats and distinguish between your work and others. I have tons of other details that should be there, but really... I am just trying to plant the seed so someone else will make it BETTER.

Digital Footprints. Please. Someone. Make this.

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